Deja-Vu CASCDeja-Vu CASC

The purpose of this portal is to provide a free online tele-conference system, Mock CASC exam materials (via a smartphone application) & a free Mini-CASC Workshop, whereby local trainees could get experience practising 14 core CASC stations. 

This is a dedication to fellow colleagues and residents in Singapore, given the fact that not all could afford the time, efforts and finance to sponsor themselves for as many overseas courses as possible. 

We encourage our fellow colleagues to make the full-use of the portal; as the authors would like to share their knowledge with others in the most direct and convenient way possible.

The developers of the site have also released a CASC App for smartphones.



Tele-CASC is an online tele-conferencing system, that provides Psychiatric Core Trainees in UK and over the world to participate in live CASC practice with fellow trainees, at any time, and any place.

Log on to CASC 1 anytime, see if there are trainees available to practice together, and get started with your MRCPsych CASC Preparations.

It saves the hassle of arranging scheduled meetings, and increase your exposure to different candidates with different styles of interviewing.

There would be more additional features included in this website during the next Update in October 2013 for preparation for JAN 2014 CASC.


Superego CafeSuperego Cafe

The Superego Cafe has come a long way from its days as a forum for MRCPsych trainees - it is now a medical education company offering courses, training, critical appraisal skills, and materials for trainees and professionals.

The forum has now gone, and the site is heavily commercial, but it has been around since 2000.


Produced by the South East Scotland rotation, this was a podcast series, produced approximately monthly, designed to cover aspects of the Royal college of psychiatrists exams and the curriculum.




It hasn't been updated since 2011 but the content is still relevant and remains available for download.

Psychiatry OnlinePsychiatry Online

A collection of essays and papers by a number of leading authors, hosted by The Priory. Also includes some example MCQs.

A large collection of online articles, albeit a little difficult to navigate.

Psychiatric zonePsychiatric Zone

"The Psychiatric Zone provides an extensive resource on various psychiatric topics which may be of interest to the public or the professionals. It may be of special interest to students for higher qualifications in Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Sciences, Mental Health Nursing and Neurosciences."


A blog that summarises one article in the latest issue of one journal on a regular basis. Currently has over 1,000 followers and you can subscribe to receive daily updates via email.

Seems to be kept up to date with regular posts covering a journal article. Links are provided to the article.

Simply PsychiatrySimply Psychiatry

Lots of first-hand advice for the OSCE exam. Downloadable PDFs of information for many OSCE stations, providing background information on which to build skills.

Doesn't look like it's been updated in a while, but is likely to be relevant.

Psych ScenePsych Scene

The parent site for the PsychEvidence and PsychInterview courses.

"A one-stop-site for all Psych Scene training initiatives. Whether you are after online revision materials, face-to-face workshops or tailor-made psychiatry exam prep courses, you can find it at Psychscene."