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CASC examinations can be highly competitive and you will be faced with pressures that you have not encountered. To help you excel in your examination, we have developed a range of modules over two days that will enhance and equip you with all the necessary skills required. The detailed two day programme can be accessed here

This course has been conducted in London and Dublin and is structured in a manner as to help the psychiatry trainees who are planning to attempt the Royal College of Psychiatry CASC examination.
However, its principles and methodology are so very robust and scientific that its benefits are far more generalised if you want it to be.

The focus of the course is on verbal and non-verbal communication skills along with improving your skills in speed reading,
comprehension, time and anxiety management and boosting your self confidence. Studies show that these skills that are absolutely essential for the exam can be taught and learnt. However, you would require as much practice as you can get so that such skills become “natural” for you and you don’t have to stress yourself by trying to learn them a few weeks before the examination and “remember to act in a certain way”. Evidence suggests that you need to consistently practice between 3 to 6 months for good outcomes. So why not practice in the right way and make it a habit?

In addition to the benefits of the high quality course and its fantastic “take away” content, we aim to continue supporting you till you pass the CASC examination. For further details please refer to

Next Courses (2 day course costs a total of £425 with a £25 discount each if booked in groups of 2 or more):

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13-14 June 2015 £425