TwynMentor | Online

TwynMentor is the first of its kind MRCPsych CASC course providing online mentor feedback and self-directed learning tools. Feedback is available for individual stations practised anytime, anywhere, at any career stage and all year round.

TwynMentor tools have been designed with convenience and productivity in mind. TwynMentor can be used independently or in conjunction with traditional courses. The development was driven by the need to offer constructive CASC feedback outside of the constraints of challenging working hours. With the TwynMentor process, candidates record videos of their usual practise sessions which are then assessed by TwynMentor.

Packages start at £30 per month for written feedback and £15 per month for access to self-directed learning tools alone.  Additional feedback is available at £20 per station and £60 for a feedback review.

The site includes a free to use CASC specific timer for practising stations.