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At SPMM, we have sat the MRCPsych exams ourselves; we understand it very well and we have made your revision bite-sized!

Each online course provides detailed and comprehensive study materials on each topic of the syllabus in a simple, easy to use site available to use online wherever you are and whenever you want! Each paper is divided into major subject areas according to the syllabus. Each subject in turn contains several topics. Each topic has its own printable study guide provided as portable documents in addition to a rich question bank (1000+ questions for each paper) that is updated regularly revised. This sub-division makes revision methodical and easy to plan. 

The online courses are provided in the form of two subscriptions; 3 or 6 months.For a more intense and focused revision session you can also attend our power-packed High Yield Weekend Revision Course. You can also purchase the SPMM Mock exams to complement your revision.

The CASC online course comprises of 17 modules, covering more than 125 stations from different areas of psychiatry. Each chapter consists of CASC stations with instructions to candidates, written feedback forms & expanded constructs (as used in the college exams) and comprehensive study materials.
The CASC video course comprises of 34 exam stations (22 simple and 12 paired stations) performed by consultants and examiners and professional role players under strict examination conditions (for a total of 350 minutes). It also features advice and valuable tips from examiners after each task. Physical examination stations are included.

Next Course Cost:
Online courses £99-£299