TwynMentor | Online

TwynMentor is the first of its kind MRCPsych CASC course providing online mentor feedback and self-directed learning tools. Feedback is available for individual stations practised anytime, anywhere, at any career stage and all year round.

TwynMentor tools have been designed with convenience and productivity in mind. TwynMentor can be used independently or in conjunction with traditional courses. The development was driven by the need to offer constructive CASC feedback outside of the constraints of challenging working hours. With the TwynMentor process, candidates record videos of their usual practise sessions which are then assessed by TwynMentor.

Packages start at £30 per month for written feedback and £15 per month for access to self-directed learning tools alone.  Additional feedback is available at £20 per station and £60 for a feedback review.

The site includes a free to use CASC specific timer for practising stations.


PassAppraisalPassAppraisaL Vision | Online


PassAppraisaL Visiongives you 4 months access to Video Lectures (24 short lectures covering all High Yield MRCPsych critical appraisal topics) , QuickRevise Guides  (A4 sized revision notes available as printable PDF files) & access to critical appraisal QBank (sorted in a topic-wise fashion to enable efficient revision). This offers focused video-tutoring, crisp lecture-notes for self-study and practice exercises.



Next Course Cost:
Online £199



If you are preparing for the FRANZCP and feeling a bit lost about the new format (2012 Fellowship) exams, then worry no more!. We have recently launched a dedicated revision resource for FRANZCP: – This could be your passport to pass FRANZCP.

SPMM4RANZ courses are purpose built revision aids to master extended matching questions (EMQs), critical analysis problems (CAPs) for pre-fellowship (2012) psychiatric trainees. We provide practice papers with correct answers with meticulously researched explanations and references. This course consists of 2 practice tests with 180 questions each. You can attempt these practice exams in strictly timed exam conditions, check your scores and later review all correct answers with explanations and references.

To apply, please go to

For an introductory fee of AUD75, you will get 3 months access and unlimited attempts during this period. Should you have any queries, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SPMM Psychiatry CourseSPMM Course | Online


At SPMM, we have sat the MRCPsych exams ourselves; we understand it very well and we have made your revision bite-sized!

Each online course provides detailed and comprehensive study materials on each topic of the syllabus in a simple, easy to use site available to use online wherever you are and whenever you want! Each paper is divided into major subject areas according to the syllabus. Each subject in turn contains several topics. Each topic has its own printable study guide provided as portable documents in addition to a rich question bank (1000+ questions for each paper) that is updated regularly revised. This sub-division makes revision methodical and easy to plan. 

The online courses are provided in the form of two subscriptions; 3 or 6 months.For a more intense and focused revision session you can also attend our power-packed High Yield Weekend Revision Course. You can also purchase the SPMM Mock exams to complement your revision.

The CASC online course comprises of 17 modules, covering more than 125 stations from different areas of psychiatry. Each chapter consists of CASC stations with instructions to candidates, written feedback forms & expanded constructs (as used in the college exams) and comprehensive study materials.
The CASC video course comprises of 34 exam stations (22 simple and 12 paired stations) performed by consultants and examiners and professional role players under strict examination conditions (for a total of 350 minutes). It also features advice and valuable tips from examiners after each task. Physical examination stations are included.

Next Course Cost:
Online courses £99-£299


Psych InterviewPsychInterview | Online

"Psych Interview is a unique online course that combines psychiatric interview skills training, knowledge and practice all in one concept, whilst showing you exactly how to pass the MRCPsych CASC through a set of proven techniques.

The interview skills component (knows how) consists of 56 video interviews by a Consultant Psychiatrist with firsthand experience of MRCPsych and FRANZCP exams. All stations are developed from previous CASC and OSCE exams with varying degrees of complexity, helping you not only to pass the exam but also to excel in clinical practice. Over 600 minutes of video material shows you how to approach each case; be it history taking, consultancy type questions, explanation of a condition, or managing a difficult condition.

The knowledge component (knows) is imparted through buzzwords and downloadable evidence based lecture notes that supplement each scenario, providing clear and easy to follow guidance.

The third component is practice (shows how and does). Psych Interview offers you the ability to view the videos as many times as you want and rehearse the techniques in your own time. You can even revise on the go on your iPhone or iPad.

Also has access to 39 sets of lecture notes."

Next Course Cost:
Online course: 3, 6, and 12 month subscription packages

from $495 AUS
(£300 approx)


PsychEvidencePsychEvidence | Online

Psych Evidence Online brings an exciting, interactive and visually engaging course straight to your home or office, with the opportunity to study and practice in your own time. Designed by psychiatrists with firsthand experience of the MRCPsych exams and extensive experience in teaching critical appraisal; it is the definitive and comprehensive learning centre for evidence based psychiatry and critical appraisal of research. You can revise as many times as you want until you ‘pass the exam quiz’ with flying colours. Psych Evidence is your ideal guide to pass the MRCPsych exam, covering material comparable to two whole days of teaching and training. It is divided into two main components, Tutorial and Quiz, totaling to approx. 12 hours of study.

Tutorial: The tutorial component consists of stimulating lecture slides, with a competent lecturer guiding you through each aspect of Critical Appraisal and summarising the important things to remember. The slides are supplemented with notes. All concepts are reinforced by worked examples that take you through the process in a step-by-step manner. What’s more; all used examples are real life research examples.

Quiz: After completing the tutorial component, you can apply all that you have learnt and test your knowledge with an interactive quiz that consists of five separate sections covering 300 questions (Best of 5 MCQ and Matching question format). Examples from journal papers, real exam questions; all supplemented with diagrams, tables and graphs, ensure that you understand the concepts in the best possible way. An explanation is given with each answer, referenced from over 25 renowned sources.

A free Psych Evidence online course taster is now available for free access on the web! This snapshot lecture of Critical Appraisal comes with a mini quiz and is accessible on request. Send a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the link and access code.

Next Course (Updated 23/2/12) Cost ($AUS):
Online Course (1,3, 6, and 12 months) $195-$595
Workshop (Australia only) $495


Birmingham Course | Online

The Birmingham Course stopped offering classroom-based courses in July 2009 and currently offer online courses only. They also provide online mock exams.

Cost is largely dependent on duration of subscription, and typical prices range from £79.99 (1 month) - £119.99 (6 months). Paper 3 mock exams (4 in total) are £39.



Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Paper 1 Course £79.99 - £119.99
Paper 2 Course £79.99 - £119.99
Paper 3 Course £59.99 - £179.99
CASC Course £24.99


ExamdoctorExamdoctor | Online

Examdoctor is an online revision resource for medical students and trainee doctors containing revision material for 20 different courses and over 35,000 expert-authored questions.

Courses include MRCPsych Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Prices are dependent on duration of access and range from £30-35 for 30 days to £45-50 for 120 days. The courses claim over 1000 MCQs and EMIQs for the Part 1; 400 for the Part 2; and 400 for the Part 3.

A free 7-day trial period is available for courses.

You can get a 20% discount on courses by using the discount code 'TRICKCYCLISTS' at the checkout.

Eastern Psych CourseEastern Psych Course | Online

The Eastern Psych Course has a variety of resources including: online courses from £99 for 3 months; weekend CASC courses consisting of small group teaching; and video tutorials (coming soon).

The site also has Smart Cards covering CASC stations and these are compatible with most e-devices.

Update: Free videos are available to coincide with the release of the 2nd edition of the 'Pass the CASC' book.


Next Course (Updated 5/6/13) Cost:
20-21 July 2013 (Milton Keynes) £550
24 August 2013 (Mock Exam) £375
1 September 2013 (Mock Exam) £375