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"Not only has Superego Cafe has been running clinical courses longer than anyone else but from the start we have always been a leader in preparing psychiatrists for the MRCPsych clinical exams."

"At the course you will be placed in a group with two other doctors. The groups are changed on the second day. Over two days you will be exposed to a mix of 60 standalone and linked stations, of which you will attempt at least 20 under exam conditions. Each station is carefully constructed at the appropriate level of complexity to expose deficiences in interview style should they exist. Generous time for individual feedback is incorporated into all parts of the course. At the end of the first day an optional review session takes place to illustrate the competencies required to pass the exam. You will significantly improve your performance by the end of the course."

Next Course (updated 29/7/13) Cost:
20-21 July 2013 £595