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Cardiff CASC Training (CCT) is an organization, which leads the CASC exam training in Wales. We regularly organise CASC training in the form of CASC workshop and mock exams, throughout the year. The outcome is in the form of improved exam success rates.

We launched first-ever Mini-CASC Workshop in May 2013, designed specifically to address pertinent issues related to communication skills. The CASC training events are tailored to help the candidates develop the necessary skills and competencies required to pass the Royal College exam. These sessions have gained a keen interest from psychiatrists all across the region. Photo newsfeed live on our website..

Mock CASC Exam (Full 16 stations) New format - 28th February 2017 (LAST TWO PLACES!!)

Mini-CASC Workshop - Date TBC

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2016 Events Cost:
Mini-CASC Workshop | TBC
Mock CASC Exam | £335