Cognitions for CASCCognitions for CASC | London

The 'Cognitions for CASC' training programme is a systematic and comprehensive  training initiative for the CASC component of the MRCPsych examination. The programme has 3 components aimed to deliver different levels of teaching and mentoring to support your CASC revision.

1) A one day workshop aimed at developing essential skills and competencies for the CASC. This stage will empower you with the fundamental skills needed to start your CASC preparation. 2) An intensive weekend course with video recording and analysis of interview style, personalised feedback and practice, interactive style of teaching and small group (3-4 candidates) skills training. 3) One to one coaching and mentoring to further enhance your skills and develop your competencies with an emphasis on boosting your confidence. This stage will use a personalised approach in order to fully prepare you for the CASC examination.

According to your requirement, the above stages can be booked separately or in combination. With a strong track record and excellent feedback from candidates, the 'Cognitions for CASC' training programme offers high quality training by experienced trainers in a conducive environment.

Next Course (Updated 24 April 2014) Cost:
Stage 1 (14 June 2014) £100
Stage 2 (12-13 July 2014) £500
Stage 2 (19-20 July 2014) £500
Stage 2 (23-24 August 2014) £500
CASC Practice (30 August 2014) £75
Stage 3 (Bespoke training) POA