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"Oxford Psych course is an exam oriented intense weekend revision course conducted in Oxford. The pass rate for our candidates who appeared in the Autumn ’07 MRCPsych part 1 OSCE is 96% & MRCPsych part II Clinicals is 98%. Candidates from Hongkong, Singapore, UK, and Ireland who attended the recent CASC Course have given excellent feedback about our course after attending their exams. We are continuing to help candidates pass their Royal College exams. Our Paper I, Paper II, Paper III and the CASC courses are specially designed for the new format of MRCPsych exams conducted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The Oxfordpsych Paper 3 weekend course has been redesigned and examiners who actually were involved in setting up the Royal College Paper 3 critical appraisal questions would be teaching on the first day of the Paper 3 Course. We shall cover the individual specialities on Day2 of the Paper3 course. Our course material and questions are based on the recently held/past Royal college exams.

The OxfordPsych CASC Course is a weekend course designed primarily on the new CASC format using Royal college Examiners & professional role play actors who take part in the actual exams. We would be covering both individual and paired stations in our CASC Course to be held in Oct.

NEW! We have started streaming videos online showing single and paired stations. The stations were recorded in the Oxfordpsych CASC course May’08 and involve professional role players who actually took part in the CASC exam. Access to the videos is FREE!"

All courses are in Oxford, unless otherwise specified.

Next Course Cost:
Intensive CASC Communication Skills: 20-21 July 2013 £695
Comprehensive CASC Course: 2-4 August 2013 £895
Comprehensive CASC Course: 9-11 August 2013 £895
Comprehensive CASC Course:17-18 August 2013 (Dublin) £675
Rapid Revision and Mock Experience: 4 August 2013 £395
Rapid Revision and Mock Experience:17-18 August 2013 £675
Intensive Communication Skills Training: 14-15 July 2012 (Oxford) £695
Mock Exams (1/2 day courses): 31 August 2013 & 1 September 2013 (Sheffield) -