CNWL CASC Revision CourseCNWL CASC Revision Course | London

In contrast to traditional CASC courses we have developed a course where trainees review their own performance as well as that of other trainees by videotaping CASC stations. Trainees are encouraged to think like CASC examiners so that they develop a greater understanding of how to improve their performance. Observational learning from videotaped scenarios are a powerful tool in gaining confidence and skills to pass the CASC and provide a novel approach that many other CASC courses do not offer.

The course begins with an introduction to the examiner's perspective and subsequently a simulated station will be videotaped for each participant. The course is run by 2 enthusiastic and experienced CASC examiners and takes place over 2 days. Due to the intensive nature of the course we can only accommodate 12 participants per day.

Next Course (Updated 3/5/13) Cost:
24-25 June 2013

£225 per day