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The mailing list has had to be retired as it became impossible to administer because of the number of defunct addresses. Instead, please use the RSS feeds (link below).

I would suggest that you subscribe to the RSS Feed for course updates.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 December 2014 19:33 Start here for the MRCPsych Exam is a free resource for psychiatry trainees who are studying for their membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The site offers notes for the exams, advice on the Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) Exam, more OSCEs than any other web resource, MCQs, PMPs, and the most complete listing of MRCPsych courses on the web.

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New website! (updated Jan '14)

The site has been completely rebuilt and old content is being transferred, albeit slowly since it all takes time. Some old content (such as books) may not make it. Some of the MCQs haven't been converted yet. However, the good news is that the new site has additional functionality, such as RSS feeds.

Please let me know if there are any broken links or missing content. You can still access the old site here if you still need something. For example, the MCQs for Papers 2 and 3 can only be found on the old site at Please tell me if there's stuff on the old site that you'd like to see on the new site.

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Trickcyclists is now on twitter!

You can now follow trickcyclists on twitter via @trickcyclists. Hopefully some updates and changes to course details will be posted on twitter.



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Unfortunately, the mailing list became so full of old email addresses that it was impossible to administer and my webhosting company thought I was spamming because of the the number of emails bouncing back.  I have therefore decided to retire the list and encourage everyone to use the RSS feeds above.

Please read the Privacy Policy to understand how any data collected will be used.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why is it called 'Trickcyclists'?

'Trickcyclists' is a (American) euphemism for psychiatrists. It seems that it isn't particularly common in the UK (not many people have heard of it), but hey, I liked the name so decided to stick with it.

Do you get money for this site?

No, it's a labour of love. The site is not supported by any kind of external sponsorship whatsoever. I don't have a merchanising line to support my endeavours, so I rely on positive feedback from people who have found the site useful.

Why is it free?

For a number of reasons:

  1. Knowledge has zero transaction value.
  2. See number one. That's it.

Do you have any connection with the Royal College of Psychiatrists?

No, not with the examinations side of things. I am an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland and I'm also the Academic Co-Secretary of the Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry. Like most psychiatrists, I pay my College subscriptions for the privilege of using the initials 'MRCPsych' but that's it.

What experience do you have with OSCEs?

I have sat OSCE exams as part of my undergraduate training (!). I have taught using OSCEs on our local postgraduate training scheme, and we use the OSCE format extensively for our trainees. I also help examine undergraduates at Dundee using the OSCE, and have been a site supervisor for the OSCE examinations. I have also taken part in the PREP Dublin OSCE course (now defunct).

Are the answers/ marking sheets those used by the Royal College?

As far as I can tell, no. The college have elected to use a much less objective marking scheme where candidates are graded A-E. Purists will argue that this is not really an OSCE, since a valuable degree of objectivity is lost. The pass mark for the overall MRCPsych OSCE or each station is as transparent as thick mud, and although the marks are weighted, even the examiners don't know how the weighting is calculated.

The format used on the site is closer to that used by North American colleges. It is truly objective in the sense that if you perform a specific task, you get a mark (or two). It is possible to calculate the pass mark for each station, as well as the overall pass mark for the OSCE exam. How this is done is on the page about organising local exams.

How is the OSCE exam marked?

From speaking to examiners, the Royal College continues to use 'normative-based' assessment (NBA), whereby a specific number of candidates will pass depending on the overall performance of the whole. This means that around 80% (or whatever the figure is) are going to pass whatever. Cynics would argue that this is essential in order for the Royal College to maintain their revenue stream from the exams.

The shift in assessment in recent years has been towards 'criterion-based' assessment (CBA) where candidates are marked according to whether they meet specific criteria which have been agreed beforehand. You can get an overview of the differences between the two at this page at the University of Toronto. This is arguably a much fairer way of determining the skills of the candidates. You could score 95% on the exam under NBA and still fail if 80% of people get 98%. The College really have to sort this out, in my humble opinion.

Examiners have intimated that the Royal College is looking into how the OSCEs are marked, and to be fair, they are endeavouring to introduce a new format to the exam system. Hopefully, in a few years time all of these teething problems and inconsistencies will have been resolved.

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By reading, and using these MRCPsych notes, excerpts from the British National Formulary, OSCE questions, MCQs, and software, you acknowledge that:

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  2. I should not have to remind prescribers that all drug doses should be checked before prescribing and I cannot be blamed if an incorrect dose results in you getting into trouble. Remember - you hold the sole responsibility for any drug that you prescribe.
  3. The notes are presented 'as is'. There is no guarantee that the advice is current (although it is reasonably up to date) and should not be seen as recommendation for specific treatment. The information contained herein is not a textbook per se and you should not follow any treatment advice without consulting a more authorative text.
  4. All this information is provided free, and although I hope that it is useful for those studying for MRCPsych exams, the author can accept no responsibility for failing the exam! All advice given on the website is just that - advice - and readers are advised to make their own minds up about using information from the site.

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