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Psych Evidence Online brings an exciting, interactive and visually engaging course straight to your home or office, with the opportunity to study and practice in your own time. Designed by psychiatrists with firsthand experience of the MRCPsych exams and extensive experience in teaching critical appraisal; it is the definitive and comprehensive learning centre for evidence based psychiatry and critical appraisal of research. You can revise as many times as you want until you ‘pass the exam quiz’ with flying colours. Psych Evidence is your ideal guide to pass the MRCPsych exam, covering material comparable to two whole days of teaching and training. It is divided into two main components, Tutorial and Quiz, totaling to approx. 12 hours of study.

Tutorial: The tutorial component consists of stimulating lecture slides, with a competent lecturer guiding you through each aspect of Critical Appraisal and summarising the important things to remember. The slides are supplemented with notes. All concepts are reinforced by worked examples that take you through the process in a step-by-step manner. What’s more; all used examples are real life research examples.

Quiz: After completing the tutorial component, you can apply all that you have learnt and test your knowledge with an interactive quiz that consists of five separate sections covering 300 questions (Best of 5 MCQ and Matching question format). Examples from journal papers, real exam questions; all supplemented with diagrams, tables and graphs, ensure that you understand the concepts in the best possible way. An explanation is given with each answer, referenced from over 25 renowned sources.

A free Psych Evidence online course taster is now available for free access on the web! This snapshot lecture of Critical Appraisal comes with a mini quiz and is accessible on request. Send a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the link and access code.

Next Course (Updated 23/2/12) Cost ($AUS):
Online Course (1,3, 6, and 12 months) $195-$595
Workshop (Australia only) $495